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Designing a digital future that supports the planet.


REcent work

Creating technology to power a circular supply chain
REI | Re/Supply
Lead Product Designer
This work is under NDA. Contact me for info.
From e-commerce to employee apps: creating REI's used-gear digital ecosystem. Implementing research, strategy, and design for experiences that enable shopping secondhand gear. These tools connect to enterprise applications that increase trade-ins at stores and streamline supply chain logistics.
Helping food and bev producers reduce their carbon footprint
Head of product | User experience | Product roadmap
This work is under NDA. Contact me for info.
It can take businesses hundreds of hours to get an accurate carbon footprint on their own. ClimateHound simplifies the process so that businesses of any size can implement a carbon strategy. I've led the product vision and design from napkin sketch, to MVP,  to launch, helping companies across the US manage their carbon footprint and reduce it over time.
Making climate action fun through procedural 3D worlds
The Sporagers | Oculus Enabled NFTs
Former co-founder | Creative Director | NFT strategy & VR integration
This work is under NDA. Contact me for info.
Sourced a team and built a planet-first NFT project. The Sporagers used blockchain to create a digital fungal network across users. Our goal was to build immersive 3D experiences to make climate impact easy, fun, and engaging through VR technology.
Measuring franchise growth through data visualization
Nike | Analytics
User research | User experience | Visual design
This work is under NDA. Contact me for info.
Led an extensive review of Nike assets and processes, interviewing employees to understand their tools for measuring business growth relative to franchises. We prototyped and built a dashboard and planning tool that gave merchants the right data, at the right time, to unlock more profitable decision making.
Planning Nike products of the future
Nike | Merchandising
User research | Interaction design | Prototyping | Visual design
This work is under NDA. Contact me for info.
Solo UX designer building Nike enterprise capabilities from the ground up. This employee platform empowered Nike merchants to plan what products would land in various global markets two years into the future. Led the design and research for multiple capabilities from MVP to organization adoption.
Liquor inventory made easy.
User Experience | Analytics | Web/Mobile Design
A digital toolkit for managing liquor inventory in restaurants and bars. BottleHound streamlines a manual ordering process by centralizing inventory resources into a cohesive and easy-to-use interface.

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Connecting customers to their packaging projects
Sonoco Platform
User Experience | Responsive Design | Web design | Brand Identity
Designed the first packaging collaboration platform for CPG customers. Sonoco Platform consolidated a design-to-manufacturing pipeline by integrating cloud based technology and VR/AR visualization.
Measuring consumer packaging decisions in VR
Sonoco Institute
VR | 3D Design | Eye Tracking | Analytics
What if you could measure consumer purchasing habits in a VR store simulation? This project compared eye tracking shopping habits in a real store vs a VR simulation to consider virtual stores as faster ways to get market feedback.

What people who work with me say

"David’s the type of person who could build the plane as he’s flying it, he has a lot of potential to add value outside of the traditional definitions of product design.”
- UX Director, REI
“Brings positivity to work everyday and is eager to collaborate and innovate. When faced with any scenario, David can quickly identify a path forward and work with stakeholders on a viable solution.”
- Product Manager, Nike

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