Hi, I'm David

Product design leader adept at navigating ambiguity to create impact.

I’ve worked with world class brands like Nike and REI building apps from the ground up while creating systems to scale enterprise capabilities.

On the side, I invest in myself by building products centered around new technologies such as AI, VR, and climate tech while also taking time to surf around the world. ✨

What people who work with me say

"David’s the type of person who could build the plane as he’s flying it, he has a lot of potential to add value outside of the traditional definitions of product design.”

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UX Director @ REI

“David brings positivity to work everyday and is eager to collaborate with an innovation mindset. When faced with any scenario, he can quickly identify a path forward and collaborate with stakeholders on testing a viable solution.”

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Principal Product Manager @ Nike


I led the design and research for REI’s used gear ecosystem, creating apps from 0-1 and growing the sector from $50K to millions in sales. I implemented a test-and-learn process that boosted e-commerce conversions and reduced the online trade-in process from 20-30 minutes to 3-5 minutes. I also designed new enterprise capabilities to manage in-store trade-ins, simplify pricing, and address membership and condition grading barriers.


ClimateHound helps food and beverages businesses calculate their carbon footprint, implement reduction strategies, and easily achieve their environmental goals. I designed this platform from the ground up, building a lightweight design system, brand durability, and responsive platform.

VR powered NFTs

I led the creation of an VR project focused on building NFTs for environmental impact. I assembled a dedicated team to develop "The Sporagers," a Solana blockchain-based digital fungal network aimed at promoting climate action. Our objective was to create immersive 3D experiences that make understanding and participating in climate initiatives engaging and enjoyable through VR technology.

Nike | Merchandising + Planning

Lead product designer for the development of an innovative employee platform for Nike, designed to empower merchants to plan product placements in global markets up to two years in advance. I led the design and research for multiple key capabilities, guiding them from MVP stages through to full organizational adoption. This project required a strategic approach to user experience, ensuring the platform met the complex needs of Nike’s global merchandising operations.

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