Barley - The Liquor Order Guide


Barley is an iOS app designed to simplify the liquor order process for bars functioning in Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) states. Bars and restaurants who use Barley spend up to 93% less time placing their weekly inventory orders.


  • Develop marketing strategies using analytics, ads, and social media.
  • Design and maintain a website that intuitively explains the app, offers how-to guides, and fits within brand guidelines.
  • Create interactions and animations that better inform the user about how Barley will save time on their liquor orders.
  • Search engine optimization.


COO | Analytics | Marketing | Website


After Effects
Premiere Pro
G-Suite Ad and Analytics Tools

Inventory simplified

streamlining the liquor order process.

Barley replaces an antiquated spreadsheet-type bottle coding system. It allows you to search a live database of available products by simply typing a brand name and selecting the bottle. The app builds the order into a clean and concise format to send each store. Bars who use Barley to submit their requests average around a 90% time savings.


Credits: Palmer Fox: Branding and App Design | Cale Workman: Back End Development and App Design