Barley - The Liquor Order App


Barley is an iOS app designed to simplify the liquor order process for bars functioning in Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) states. 


  • Design a website that intuitively explained the app concept in a way that fit within the brand guidelines.
  • Create interactions and animations that better inform the user about how Barley will save time on their liquor orders.
  • Search engine optimization through Google AdWords and Analytics.


Partner | Web Design | Interactions


After Effects
Premiere Pro

Inventory simplified

streamlining the liquor order process.

Barley replaces an antiquated spreadsheet-type bottle coding system. It allows you to search a live database of available products by simply typing a brand name and selecting the bottle. The app builds the order into a clean and concise format to send each store. Bars who use Barley to submit their requests average around a 90% time savings.


Credits: Palmer Fox: Branding and App Design | Cale Workman: Back End Development and App Design