Pyrotech was designed to make an classy, explosive hot sauce. Starting with a 1920's theme, our team came up with four vareties of hot sauce that will make your taste buds want to do the lindy hop. The primary function of the project was to create 4-5 packaging concepts and produce them as they would be in a production environment using printing presses and die-cutters.


  • Our 3 person team was tasked with designing several types of packaging.
  • Packaging varied from displays to variety packs and labels.
  • We also developed branding for Pyrotech and  produced a marketing strategy to guide sales and advertising of the product.


Concept | Packaging Design



Variety packs

Too Hot To Handle.

The Pyrotech branding was inspired by culture in the 1920’s, using explosives and famous figures like Charlie Chaplin as a design catalyst. The hot sauce packets were designed to tear off the detonator handle and ignite the power of seven suns, in your mouth. The detonator carrying case has a dynamite detonating handle that raises and lowers when you carry the case. (Pyrotech is not responsible for explosions that may occur during transport.)

Flexible film hot sauce packets.
Flexible film hot sauce packets.


Detonator corrugated carrying case.


Four hot sauce varieties.
Compact paperboard variety pack with diecut mustache

Awards: Silver Medal of Excellence in "Flexography College Category" for FTA Awards.

Credits: Trey Reidmeyer: Photos, Logo, Graphics, Structure | Drew Holmes: Graphics, Structure